Global 360°

Robust platform for innovation

Because our approach is non-generic, in the majority of instances original fieldwork and research is required. This is in order to provide the high quality tailored market intelligence that our clients require and expect.

Our extensive existing trends intelligence resource – the Global 360° – continually distils and filters the latest views of innovators and experts around the world. This is underpinned by rigorous desk research undertaken in the US, Latin America, the EU and Asia. 

The Global 360° also gives us a robust platform from which to frame working hypotheses around likely medium and long-term developments that will affect most industries, which can then be validated and extrapolated through dialogue with a series of carefully selected, respected experts, academics, and leading innovators within relevant market and consumer segments.

Rather than look solely at vertical industries, we also like to range horizontally across themes and influences that will affect how consumers think, feel and act during the course of different life-stages and events.

So for example, recurrent themes for many clients are to understand the move to more sustainable lifestyles, and/or the influence of ICT and media, and scoping out how these influences will directly impact on the client’s own particular business or market sector. In this way, we can provide the robust longer range view that all our clients depend on.

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