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Focused on your interests:
differentiating the substantial from the trivial

We are focused on emerging best practices and major ‘early mainstream’ developments that are trending across the majority of businesses sectors, locally and globally.

In fact, differentiating key early mainstream consumer drivers from the trivial trends that will burn off in the margin is what marks us out as a consultancy.

This holds the key to our range of services, which span:

  • core strategy
  • growth acceleration
  • high value innovation
  • insight and data interpretation
  • growth boosters
  • product development
  • consumer intelligence
  • consumer futures
  • customer strategy and marketing
  • performance transformation
  • culture transformation
  • due diligence
  • digital
  • M&A

I must have seen roughly 350 presentations about China – and slept through 200 of them! The Breaking Trends presentation on China is in a league of its own and should be part of the national curriculum.

David Marsden President of the Hong Kong Trading Council

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