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Great innovation starts with great trends intelligence

Breaking Trends is a market intelligence consultancy that supports and inspires leadership teams in developing new strategies for growth acceleration and high value innovation.

Only by detecting and reacting to the ‘weak signals’ that precede the strong can CEOs and CMOs keep the organisations in their care on the leading rather than the trailing edge. ‘Weak signals’ should be their stock-in-trade because by the time opportunities or threats are clear or unambiguous, it’s too late to exploit or evade them.

Alpha Leadership: Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More from Life Deering, Dilts & Russell

Our core philosophy

Enabling you to connect with your customers

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Our Services

Consulting services

We are focused on emerging best practices and major ‘early mainstream’ developments that are trending across the majority of businesses sectors, locally and globally.

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Global 360°

Our extensive existing global trends intelligence resource – the Global 360° – continually distils and filters the latest views of innovators and experts around the world.

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We have worked with major brands and businesses, NGOs and public sector clients across the majority of sectors.

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Trend matrix

The Breaking Trends Global Trend Matrix is a proprietary part of our methodology, and one of the tools that our clients value most.

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