We believe that any global business or brand that invests in high quality future-focused trends intelligence will:

  • develop a reputation for anticipating rather than being
    back-footed by the future
  • bring greater rigour to all planning disciplines and develop a
    more purposeful direction of travel
  • gain or extend competitive advantage through being first
    movers or category leaders
  • optimise development and investment resources by ensuring
    correct focus and appropriate weighting
  • save tens of $millions – sometimes even 100s of millions –
    by getting it right first time, more of the time
  • become a magnet for talent and investment

Above all, deliver more sustainable value to its stakeholders world-wide.

Everything that Breaking Trends talks about in terms of the importance of understanding trends early, and shifting budget and thinking time away from evaluating what’s happened in the past to what will happen in the future is spot on.

Marco Rimini CEO Mindshare Worldwide Central Team

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