What we do

Identifying new triggers for growth and innovation

Since 2002, we have built a business around people who are not only passionate about trends, but who also know which ones are relevant to your business.

We also know how to translate them into transformational growth acceleration and high value innovation.

We focus primarily on major trends and emerging behavioural shifts that are shaping the future of advanced consumer markets in the developed and developing world.

We are particularly passionate about:

  • anticipating the future in a grounded evidence-based way
  • identifying fresh opportunities and new triggers for growth and innovation
  • sharing informed opinions truthfully
  • inspiring and provoking large businesses and brands to act on this intelligence

helping our clients:

  • improve their customer's experience
  • develop compelling new value propositions
  • organise their business and culture in a customer-centric way

A unique element of our methodology is to identify emerging and future trends by interviewing experts, thought-leaders and market-making innovators across a deliberately catholic range of sectors in major alpha cities around the world.

The commercial relevance and legitimacy of our market intelligence is rooted in a radically more informed understanding of emerging consumer behavioural drivers and expectations.

Our multi-disciplinary expert teams filter out minor trends that are likely to prove short-lived, from those that are likely to endure and embed in mainstream consumer behaviour. evolve into major meta-trends that will drive or influence future mainstream consumer behavioural drivers. Identifying major early mainstream meta-trends lies at the heart of what we do.

We are particularly experienced in curating and running high-value sessions at both strategic and operational levels of the businesses that we work with.

I’d like the Breaking Trends approach and way of looking at the world to become an integral part of the Virgin mindset and for it to permeate and inform our thinking across the group as a constant.”

Gordon McCallum CEO Virgin Management

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