Our mission

Our mission is your mission

Our mission is uncomplicated – to leverage early market intelligence based on the latest global trends in order to deliver high value innovation, performance transformation and sustainable growth to our clients.

Our raison d’être centres on two core competencies:

  1. We identify powerful market-making trends at source, and then filter, synthesise and distil them into business and market intelligence relevant to the needs and interests of our clients
  2. We also offer retained board-level consultancy to each of our clients, to enable them to capitalise on this intelligence in ways that are relevent to their strategic interests, including brand and product development

Over the past 20 years I’ve seen output from just about every management consultancy in the world. Breaking Trends provides something very different. Their presentations are unparalleled –quite superb.

 Justin le Patourel Head of Global Market Intelligence, OFCOM, London

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